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Hey, I'm Ali.
To be brief, I taught myself how to code as a kid and learned the Creative Suite to make things look pretty. I'm currently working as a Digital Art Director at The Integer Group in Lakewood, CO, where I get to fuse my passions for creating, designing, and executing. I've worked on brands such as Miller Lite, Coors Light, Starbucks Coffee, Pokémon, Smashburger, and Exempla. Interested in learning more? Let's connect.

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Let’s be real here. The Tumblr Dashboard is Hideous.

I’m by no means a huge tumblr user. Though, every once in a while when I log in, I can’t stand looking at the dashboard. I love Michael Jordan as […]


Why I’m holding out on the Apple Watch

For those that know me, I’m a pretty huge Apple fanboy. I can’t remember many new products that I didn’t buy day-one. The Apple Watch however has me pretty torn. […]

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